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We also provides services for financial frauds in the financial institution as well as the Banks. We get traced to those loan defaulter as per the clients requirement. We have done lot of cases of tracing of defaulters who has run away with clients money. We get hold those person as well as firm and our clients recover the money from them.

This is new trend started by the insurance company to verify the claims through the independent agency because in past their were lot of fraud has been exposed about the insurance company personnel and insurer to make a fake claims. We have done lot of cases in past , we found lot of  the claimant claims the money from insurance company on fraud documents of death certificate or so.

Indian Detective Agency Pvt. Ltd. exclusively provides this services to his clients on theft. Our experienced team works on the issue immediately and catch hold of culprit in short time. Most of the cases we found either the person is known to them or insiders are involved. In few cases we have made the culprit revealed of his/her crime and recovered the goods from them

Many a times, spurious products with your brand name and trademark enter the market. These products enjoy your market share and reduce your profit margin to a considerable extent. These practices are difficult to detect as trading occurs in distant places and across geographical boundaries. We co-ordinate our investigative activities across several geographic locations to detect, identify, curtail and prevent the business in counterfeit products and infringement of trademarks. Indian Detective Agency Pvt. Ltd. Provides services to his client to check and catch hold of the organization who make the duplicate products and reduce your profit margin.

We also provide services about any given company financial reputation or market survey of their reputation, media report, upcoming projects etc. We gives all the data about their financial side from last five years. We also finds the company reputation in the views of employees, their clients, their staffs and their promoters.

In India, Labor problem is a major issues. You always get struck with the labors who always blackmails you with their demand and they always want to fight for their illegal demand and they claims a very handsome amount after terminating from the company on behalf of their employment while in the side by side they works in some other organization. We provides a valid documentary proof for the clients if they have gone to the court for their illegal claims.
Indian Detective Agency Pvt. Ltd. Also provides Personnel bodyguards to our valuable clients as per their requirement for short terms basis. They are well trained, qualified bodyguards who also have licensed weapon to protect self as well as the clients. We have served in past to our lot of valuable clients, whenever they visits India for short terms.

We Keep eye on the person activity with our high capacity digital camera  with complete activity from morning to evening. In photographic surveillance we gets very authentic records to analyze person personality. We observe them through our high quality digital camera and give the proof of the person activity.

We Keep eye on the person activity with our surveillance camera and vehicle to the person complete activity from morning to evening. In video surveillance we gets very authentic records to analyze person personality. We observe them through our high quality digital camera.


We provides the assets or financial report on our clients demand. We gives all the information of the assets of the person or financial information of the company as well as the person. Our clients also take our services of Due Diligence about the company or promoters while they into the process of joint venture or partnership. We gives all the information about the company financial, promoters information and reputation of the company



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