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Private Detective Agency - Helping Hand in Revealing Hidden Information

Detective agencies are a growing breed in India. They have agents on board with a lot of experience and related degrees in criminal justice. These agencies, unlike conventional means like police carry out their operations very professionally. The agents are highly trained, skilled individuals and are extremely efficient in their functioning. These detectives are equipped with some of the most high-end, US-Army grade equipment to assist them, including thermal cameras, movement trackers and amplifiers to listen to far away conversations.

Corporate houses

The nature of the service these detective agencies provide their clients. Some of the contracts these agencies carry out include espionage work for corporates, looking to detect events of malpractice or uncover technology being developed at their R&D houses. They hire these agents to gather information on these assets.

Hidden individuals

Detective agencies are also hired to track individuals in case of a change of name. Courts find it difficult to trace them due to missing documents or lack of references. Private detective agencies come of great help in locating the whereabouts of such individuals

White Collar Crimes

Money related crimes are referred to as white collar crimes. Stealing money from an individual, establishment or bank, taking loans under false terms and conducting credit card fraud, which is the unsolicited use of credit cards are all classified as White Collar jobs. White Collar crimes are often sophisticated, on a large scale and often very dangerous. This is where detective agencies come to play.


Kidnapping crimes also need to be handled with a lot of care as, even a step out of the way can result in the death or loss of a relative. Detective agencies are equipped in tactical support and are capable of handling such situations properly. You can look for one on the internet, or contact police stations for contact information of the best detective agency.


If you fear that your spouse is cheating on you, you can contact a detective agency to check up on this as well. If you have even the slightest doubt, these agents will assess the situations and monitor their activities with the help of best in class infrastructure. This information also comes in a lot of use in divorce settlements. They obtain sufficient proof of spouse cheating and provide evidence to allow you to win the court case.

Things to keep in mind before choosing the right detective agency

It is thus extremely essential to choose the right agency based on your needs. Conduct a little of your own research on the internet, have a look at the cases they have taken upon and select the one who is most suited to your needs. Keep in mind that most of these houses charge on an hourly basis. The better an agent, the higher are his charges

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