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Pre/Post Matrimonial Detective Companies

Pre/Post-Matrimonial detective services are getting a lot of attention these days. Most marriages that occur in India happen on an arranged marriage basis. The groom has no idea who the bride is and neither does the bride. There have been several cases where the bride or groom turns out to have had an undesirable past.

Take the example of Priya; Priya is about to get married to Sanjay, who is a successful engineer with a secure government job. He is from a family of Brahmins and her parents instantly approved the match. After meeting Sanjay, even she was smitten by the tall, muscular man whose speech was as gentle as his touch. Priya was thrilled that she had found such a perfect match, and instantly approved of the marriage.

However, there was something Priya didn't know. Sanjay, while sweet and caring, was a raging alcoholic, a habit he picked up during his college years. After months and months of hard work and deadlines, he began to depend on alcohol. What was worse was that, he had a tendency to get violent after drinking, and notoriously broken up with a lot of his previous girlfriends due to this habit of his. Priya was raised well, and has never experienced alcoholism at its worst. This is possibly the worst match that could occur.

Marriage in India is a very sacred custom; once you marry someone, they are more often than not, your partners for life. Unlike the USA, we cannot afford to get divorced, as the complications on the family side are quite severe if such a situation comes up.

Detective agencies come to the rescue here. Before marriage, they deploy teams to conduct research on the spouse, their history, criminal history, instances of violence or drug abuse and alcoholism, sources of income and family background. To enable couples to build trust and proceed into marriage happily, pre-marriage detective agencies allow both of them to put everything down on the table.

The entire process is completely non-invasive. All findings are kept confidential to everyone except the family who requested the investigation. Luckily for Priya, her brother had ordered an investigation, where he found out about Sanjay's troubled past. Priya was shell shocked and immediately called off the wedding. She eventually married Amrut, a simple but extremely mature individual, with whom she lived happily ever after.

After they procure the information, they provide information about the other individual about the following details.

• Temperamental details – Whether they have behavioral or anger issues.

• Past Relationships – how sexually active a person was in his past, who he/she has had relationships with and what durations were they for. Have they ever cheated on anyone in the past? What opinion have their previous partners held about them.

• Job Reputation – How significant a professional role is he/she playing in their company and what opinion do their fellow workers share about them

• Drug Abuse – Do they have a history of substance abuse? How often do they engage in substance abuse


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