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Indian Detective Agency Pvt. Ltd. has been a great contributor in the detective services which has gained a reputable standard towards obtaining a new, progressive and vivacious world which is almost full of fierce competition. It is a pleasure that we are trusted globally. We provide our clients in Mumbai with a much wider scope of solutions which help them solve their issues in reference of holding secrecy that is required by most organizations in such a dynamic environment where decisions made by an individual will impact his/her further life. In order to have a better, proficient and safer future corporate decision makers are turning into professionals in accomplishing each and every assignment precisely.

There are many ways through which one can be cheated or get his/her company and organization destroyed but there is only one way to protect your organization ‘Indian Detective Agency Pvt. Ltd.’. In today’s fast moving world, to have a successful and a leading investigation company you need to have honest employees for your company as an unsuitable employee would lead to your company’s destruction. A dishonest employee can indulge in fraud or theft or even leak out company related important information to your competitors. The privacy and secrecy of the client is a must, therefore we understand to maintain your secrecy and privacy and it is not revealed. Our professional teams of detectives in Mumbai are experts in dealing with the situations whether it is a matrimonial enquiry, corporate matter, government or financial issue and even private familial investigations or business deals.

With a mission to delight our client by providing them truly customized services our detective from Mumbai provides reliable and accurate information. It helps them to shape the future of their organization. Indian Detective Agency Pvt. Ltd. was established by Sanjay Singh in 1995, a dedicated professional investigator for the past few years and has now grown into a renowned internationally known outfit with global network. After years of hard work and experience Indian Detective Agency Pvt. Ltd. has received a reputed status and position today. In Mumbai we provide investigation services for national as well as international companies and plan to get adequate protection from thefts and all other kind of threats that you might not even be aware of. We help to develop a successful company with strength and profit motives. We fulfill our client requirement with integrity and quick decision making abilities to deliver results that are authentic, timely, gainful and confidential.

Our detective agency in Mumbai deals with various investigations which are classified as follows: The corporate investigation, the financial investigations, the matrimonial investigations and the personal investigations. The corporate investigations include espionage, hiring an unsuitable employee, labour cases, corporate wars, disaster covering planning. The financial investigations deals with the issues related to financial fraud, theft, fraud embezzlement, bank theft investigations and our personal investigation includes pre/post matrimonial enquiries, information on missing people and on property, litigation hassles, photography, love affairs and divorce cases. To afloat in the present time in such a competitive environment we proffer our clients to get a clear picture of their dealings and ultimately help them reach at the winning edge.


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