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It is a grey world where thousands of private detective agencies operate. There are no laws for these agencies in our country to regulate them or even recognize their existence. In the absence of privacy laws in India, these agencies get away using methods that would have seen them serving long prison sentences in a country like US.

Eligibility and qualifying exam
So first of all to become a private detective in India you have to complete graduation in any discipline, then only you can pursue private detective course in any reputed agency or institute. After completing this course, they will become eligible to apply for a job in any detective agency and once you have gained enough experience then you work as a private investigator. There are few institutes in India that offer these private detective courses like The Indore Christian College and The National Institute of Private Investigation New Delhi. Some detective agencies also offer the course like ACE Detectives India International Securities, New Delhi etc. these institutions and agencies give admission on the basis of the marks obtained by the candidates in their qualifying examination. .

How they work
These investigators are trained professionals and they shadow unsuspecting persons, take photographs, make videos, conduct sting operations, plant bugs and other listening devices, hack into computers and go through into each and every conversation their target may have on his cell phone including the messages exchanged. Most of them have equipment like spy cams and bugs which even the government agencies don't have.

In demand
They are much in demand for the services they offer. Pre-matrimonial checks, keeping a check on spouses, corporate enquiries ranging from due diligence in joint ventures to planting undercover agents in rival companies, political spying- much in demand in the run up elections. all these services comes at a prices that the information hungry people are willing to pay. This is what you can say the heart of detective agencies.

Laws and incidents in the past
A well known incident is that of Dr Anurag Singh who was caught because he overstepped the grey line by trying to access the call details of leader of opposition in rajya sabha Arun Jaitley. It is this incident that has made the law on phone tapping and call data records has become more stringent.

the former army officer Captain Ravee, who runs Fireball detective agency, says that there is enough business for them even without using questionable methods like phone tapping, bugging, hacking and shadowing. His agency mainly provides business to business (B-to-B) and business to client(B-to-C) services. B-to-C services mainly cover verification of domestic helps, pre and post- matrimonial checks and helping keep tabs on children. It is the B-to-B services that get the agencies big money. These agencies also get request for government work. Capt Ravee's agency helps state bank recover debts.

A new has been drafted by the government the will allow the private detectives to work only in the non- government sector and keep strictly off any investigation into bona fide activities or affairs of the state, particularly the work of state agencies such as IB, R&AW or CBI.

Private detectives should be well aware of various investigation techniques used in several cases like burglary, theft, extortion, suicide, fraud, kidnapping, murder, rape, forgery and molestation. They should in efficient in using different investigation tools such as fingerprinting, handwriting analysis, audio-video handling, hidden devices and bugs handling. They should possess the essential qualities like thoroughness, patience and skepticism. Though we don't recognize the efforts of these detectives but they play a major role in curbing the problems and situations that many people are facing nowadays.
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