Corporate Investigation Services

Corporate Investigation Services

Private detective agency provide corporate investigation services for enterprises and corporate looking for information on individuals, assets, records, data theft, copyright and trademark infringement, and financial fraud, among others.

Our solutions are available to all types of businesses, including localised traders, start-ups, domestic companies operating in a few cities and multinational businesses with operational presence around the world. We have a strong team of skilled and experienced in-house detectives who are able to provide all necessary services in the country. For international cases, we handle them either in-house, if required, or collaborate with our strong network of professional detectives around the world to get to the truth.

Pre Post Employment Checks

To know the employment history of an applicant is extremely important for the organization before hiring them.

Fraud Investigation

In most of the corporate firms or government organizations, cheating or fraud cases are common.

Loan/Financial Investigation

IDA offer services to financial institutions and lending agencies and help them to recover the amount without any hassle.


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