Forensic Services

Forensic Services

We are experts in forensic analysis and investigation. We use our expertise to solve various crimes involving fraud, pilferage, swindling, cheating, forgery, deceit, etc. Our expert detectives are able to obtain evidence from minute traces of data and turn them into reliable evidence for legal proceedings.

Our services are offered to celebrities, politicians, diplomats, senior management of large corporations, non-residents staying in the country, important tourists, etc. The services are provided for a longer time period as general protection as well as for a shorter time period when the individual has received threats and needs active defence measures. We also travel with the person and his family or entourage to various places across the country and abroad and provide close body cover.

Fingerprint Lifting And Analysis

A Fingerprint Verification machine is a kind of modern device that is usually used by many reputed organizations to verify the identity of a particular person.

Handwriting Analysis

Another commonly known method in order to detect the truth behind the unlawful activities besides Fingerprint Verification is the process of Handwriting Verification.


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