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Matrimonial Investigation Agency Jalandhar (Punjab)

Indian Detective Agency Pvt. Ltd. helps to get the proofs required by you in the form of video and photographic evidence. Our staff is fully accustomed to the sensitive, complicated, and dangerous aspects involved in marriages and divorce. Knowing the truth protect your future, health and give you peace of mind. Hiring private detective in Jalandhar help to document your prospective or current spouse marital infidelity and other details.

Our team is capable to understand that when you can suspect infidelity in the relationship. The cheating and fraud can be very hurting in the beginning but still, you must reach the facts. You've taken the initial step in realizing the truth, which was one of the hardest ones. You are stuck between truth and your suspicion. So, if you have any doubt then you can hire us. We provide the matrimonial investigation including pre-marital and post-marital. Whether you are wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend of a cheating spouse or fiancé, there is no need to live in doubt, just hire us.

We understand that what you have been going through when you doubt your husband/wife or fiancé. Even the humility to discuss your situation is a very daunting prospect. We believe that you might have doubts about hiring matrimonial detectives in Jalandhar to watch cheating wife or husband and we empathize with you. We provide the services of complete background checks, financial checks, character analysis, social media status, personal verification and much more.

Pre Matrimonial Investigation

It offers character checks, financial security, education scrutiny, family background, social prestige, past relationships, and illegal activities

Post Matrimonial Investigations

Crucial evidence is gathered related to love affairs, illegal or immoral activities, and enquiring about disrespecting in-laws.

You simply can’t believe the details or information mentioned online about the bride and groom. You require checking the details as it is the matter of entire life. We provide you all the details or evidence and keep the information confidential. We also use advanced technology to collect all the information. We have experienced staff that will provide the information as per your requirement. We also help you to collect evidence on the extra-marital affair of your husband or wife. Also, assist in providing this information in your divorce case.

Hence, you can hire our services if you are looking for pre-marital and post-marital investigation services in Jalandhar.

Email to or call us directly at +91-9811151390 to know about our personal, matrimonial and corporate investigation services.

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